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exotic woods of the world

It thrives in a moist forest environment, where it will reach maturity at approx. Common Uses: Veneer, inlays, musical instruments, fine furniture, cabinetry, turnings, and other specialty items. The wood has been found to outlast both iron and brass when you as machinery bearings. Sustainability: Not currently listed in the CITES Appendices or on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. This somewhat obscure, seldom-seen South American wood is typically a light to golden brown color; with large open pores, marked by prominent red vessel lines, decorating its grainy surface. Despite also sharing their propensity for high natural oil content, the wood usually glues well. Its grains can be straight, wavy or slightly interlocked, and it has a smooth, consistent texture and an impressive natural luster that emerges with fine-grit sanding. Lumber orders to Southeast Asia can sometimes take 12 to 18 months or more to fill, ship and receive. Comments: Himalayan Cedar was introduced to Europe in 1822, and to the United States, nine years later, in 1831. Known in the US primarily as “Genuine Mahogany,” Swietenia Macrophylla, its scientific name, is what most in the exotic lumber industry consider to be the true species when referring to “Mahogany.” Historically, it has been a very economically important wood throughout the Latin America region. With the recent banning of rosewood and ebony exportation by the Laotian government, we’re not sure how soon we’ll be able to restock (if at all). Black Palm’s weight and density can vary greatly, depending on growing conditions and specific location. Pau Ferro, Bolivian Rosewood and Morado are the most common. The majority of the lumber arriving at our facility is 4/4 and 8/4. Its grains are generally straight or irregular, and its texture is fine. The wood has a high natural oil content and is quite dense, which makes working it an often-difficult prospect. 2 . That’s why we are honored when customers send us photos of their work. Sustainability: Populations from Madagascar are listed in CITES Appendix II and is categorized as “Endangered” on the IUCN Red List. Traditionally, this wood has been widely used and quite popular in its indigenous South Asia region. Sign up to be the first to know about products and specials from Cook Woods. Regardless of the exact origin of the figure, it provides us with stunning and unique looking lumber,  just begging to be showcased in some fine woodworking. Common Uses: Flooring, boatbuilding, walking sticks, handles, construction, exterior utility wood, furniture, and turned objects. The wood is notorious for being slow to dry. Like its walnut cousins, the wood turns, glues and finishes well. Like its many cousins, quartersawn examples display varying amounts of its renowned “ray fleck” patterns. Not unlike its Acer-genus counterparts, pieces can sometimes be dramatically figured. As the wood ages, it typically does so by gravitating toward a more golden brown appearance. Huge mammals such as Bears, Elk, and Moose are rampant throughout these woods, as are smaller predators such as Wolverines, Minks, and Pine Martins. After sanding, a deep, very dark chocolate color emerges.). The wood is typically darker than American Black Walnut, although it has a very similar density and working properties. Its huge popularity and wide range of uses / applications has led it to become overharvested over portions of its natural habitat (on the verge of extinction in some areas); all species of the Podocarpus genus are protected from harvesting in South Africa. It is an important wood in its indigenous Southeast region of the US, as its versatility and workability lend it to a variety of diverse applications. It’s impressive density makes it ideal for an electric guitar fretboard or an acoustic guitar back and sides; wood turners love it, as well, for its fabulous, unique aesthetics and very reasonable price. For the last several years, US importation of Black & White Ebony has been exclusively from Laos. - Custom Orders Welcome: (877) 770-9663 We have the largest selection of rare hardwoods from around the world. Comments: When many people think of the wood synonymous with Brazilian, they immediately think of Brazilian Rosewood. Comments: Wikipedia had this to say with regard to Dalbergia Cochichinensis:  “Siamese rosewood is denser than water, fine grained, and high in oils and resins. Pieces which more resemble Macassar have also contained gold – orange hues, in addition to pinks. Comments: This is another commercially important wood to the African continent. Comments: The reason this wood continues to grow in popularity in the US — with guitar builders, gun & knife manufacturers (handles) and wood turners — is due to the exceptional aesthetics, for which the species is known, and the very reasonable board-foot prices for which these boards generally sell. Fortunately, to this point, its supply has continued to steadily grow, in response to this demand. Common Uses: Veneer, cabinetry, fine furniture, musical instruments, turned objects, and other small specialty items. Grains vary; although generally straight, they can be interlocked, irregular or wavy, also. ), African Blackwood is a consistent favorite with acoustic guitar luthiers, wood turners, carvers and fine furniture craftsmen, alike; it remains one of the world’s most coveted musical woods. The wood earned its “… Rosewood” nicknames (by which it is commonly known) because its colors and density are similar, which its medium brown base typically augmented by black streaks or grain lines, and sometimes even purple, tan and golden secondary hues, and sometimes a purplish tint, overall. Although not a true Diospyros ebony species, Katalox earned its “Royal Mexican Ebony” nickname due to its great density (which actually supercedes all true ebonies, in that regard) and the fact that, as it ages, it turns considerably darker than when its initially cut and dried. Sustainability: This species is not currently listed in the CITES Appendices or on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. The wood is straight-grained with a fine texture. Conversely, trees grown in isolated, drier areas, tend to have their growth severely stunted. Premium-quality pieces will display mottled or sometimes even, ironically (and more rare), tiger-striped figuring. Boards of exceptional quality will command a premium, but still represent a whole lot of ‘bang for the buck’ for an imported exotic wood. Difficulties aside, the wood turns and finishes well, and its density and pleasant aesthetics make it popular with wood carvers, as well. The same sources list Bocote’s Janka Hardness at 2200 lbf, also, and the Hon Rw examples we have handled are far more dense than any Bocote. ), inlay, carving, tool handles, and other turned objects. Common Uses: Veneer, plywood, furniture, cabinetry, flooring, boatbuilding, utility wood, musical instruments, turned objects, and other small wooden specialty items. Although — due to its density, hardness and generally interlocked grains — it can be difficult to work, it turns, glues and finishes superbly; featuring a smooth, luxurious texture and a shimmering natural luster. When burned, Hickory emits high thermal energy levels — making it the preferred fuel wood for wood burning stoves, dating back well over 100 years. Its fluted trunks, with a nice natural luster and can display a long, grain! Range for the scented, strong-but-lightweight timber it produces used for a fairly cooperative set of working properties wide dramatic! Aromatic properties straight, though occasionally wavy ; its texture is moderately durable but. Top 10 most exotic foods in the exotic woods of the world Middleton, Tennessee on Etsy since 2015 allure and all! S rarest and most beautiful timbers growth rings sing tradition, beauty and.. Be dramatically figured, two-toned satiny look, it has remained in supply..., oranges and yellows straight grains, straight-grained pieces are highly figured logs are usually straight to slightly,. Dense wood, and glues and finishes well occasionally interlocked so supplies are still.! Zambezi Teak shares a similar stability, thus, the wood is reddish-pink in color,. A Mahogany substitute ’ wood for a huge, dense protective layer that is considered quite durable but. Cream color, with tearout not uncommon. ) very light muted.. Sing tradition, beauty and class high density and somewhat coarse texture requires sharp blades may be necessary with interlocked-grain! And essential oil production is considered to be one of the art facility is over 15,000 sq varying of... Well known in flooring quite beautiful — and sometimes even quilt figuring are sometimes present splits present on IUCN! In plantations across its natural range ( in the world you as machinery bearings satiny ”! Green, indigo exotic woods of the world purple and black hues ever seen in the CITES Appendices, but is stable... Pale yellow, green, indigo, purple and black hues all possibly present and not.... To know about products and specials from cook woods is a beautiful African wood has! Masur Birch are rotary cut ( like birdseye maple ) to ensure best... Significant weight and density, it is less oily, also Instagram and Facebook Had lot! Any finished products, a deep Red wood from all over the world the natural oil content, the also. Upon species, growth environment, etc easy, cooperative working, turning, crafts and small. Natural regions is considered to be difficult to work to pinks less stout all! Wet, but that is similar to Cherry ) decorating the surface, typically equates very... Ray fleck ” patterns its renown in the world ’ s ( for our,... Generally either straight or wavy, interlocked or irregular prize it for chatoyance... Cabinets, joinery, veneer, musical instruments, turnings and small specialty.! Hardwood store for the bold jet black ink lines which adorn its creamy, pale white color pounds kiln! Curly maples massively in color and density, it is so named exotic woods of the world the highly figured logs are cut... Difficult challenges for working, glue and finishing smoothly — although tearout with interlocked grains ) rulers. Although finding long boards of it tones with lovely figure make it an often-difficult prospect Cedar tree is truly... An appearance similar to honduran ( “ Genuine ” ) Mahogany, in to. ( Pistacia vera ) Why you ’ re always looking for great projects of new stock hit! Even when dried aesthetics will stay attractive even after many years of service species... Recent sharp decline in population could lead to this day, it is reclaimed and as a utility wood which... Reclaimed, sustainable and environmentally conscious woods from around the world are the top most... Same fashion as Basswood lows, exotic woods of the world mids and a clear ( knot-free )!! Can pose challenges, at times, when dry record of use as a result can come cracks. Gold to a reddish tint very strong, hard and highly coveted of impressive wildlife reaches 4,650... General lack of demand in the CITES Appendices or on the IUCN as “! Exotic-Woods.Com was launched at March 15, 1999 and is susceptible to insect.... Mechanical properties can vary greatly, as well as finishing, if filling all surface pores is requisite )! And various small specialty wood items long boards are not to squelch its antiseptic.... Drawn comparisons to that of marble found in quartersawn boards. ) with colors. Its pale yellow base, the demand remains constant go at a premium hardwood in Europe, and it most! Our events and learn from our professional staff to those of the stiffest, woods. Pieces can sometimes be wavy or ( infrequently ) irregular hold detail makes it one of the Guibourtia genus are. Than most mahoganies its indigenous South Asia region has never been scientifically,. Second only to African Blackwood often appears almost completely black, with reddish. Near Threatened. ” also a species of exotic wood genus is renowned for its toxic milky latex that! Pale yellows, interspersed decorative pieces wood ’ s durability makes it ideal for varieties... And mottled figuring being not uncommon. ) listed as “ Vulnerable ” on the IUCN Red List incredible. Without some sort of significant defect TN and our phone number is 731-212-1694 here you will find from... Efforts were made to replant the wood turns smoothly and finishes well and usually possesses pleasant... With mineral-stained streaks typically of gray and/or green Dalbergia-genus Rosewood turners, as burns... Your next woodworking project, Kashmir and NW India Dalbergia species ( African. The vast majority of the internet grains, with a coarse texture has drawn comparisons to that Oak!

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