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glossary product list

The document defines what each type of user can do, such as write and read permissions. Kano can help teams determine which features will satisfy and even delight customers. From the moment we test the prototype we can validate if we are on the right track or whether we need to make improvements. Gantt Chart: a popular type of bar diagram that illustrates a project schedule. A technical product manager (PM) is a product manager with a strong technical background that is typically focused on the... What Is “The User Is Drunk”? ;-). These tests are most commonly run in the software industry. Usually, it accompanies Scrum or Lean, these are characterized as methodologies because they have several ceremonies, methods, and practices that must be followed throughout the process. The role is in a wide range of industries. PP Open all Close all. What is a Gantt Chart? When a product... What is GIST planning? The scrum master serves as a point person responsible for understanding the big development picture of each sprint. Style Guide: It is an exclusively visual library where the components, colors, and other visual styles of a product interface are centralized. While stories are minor details to be made, the epic is the set of several stories. What are Product Analytics? Change management is a systematic approach to supporting employees and teams as an organization transitions to new processes, tools, or initiatives. Definition: A roadmap is a high-level strategic document that is created and maintained to communicate the... What is the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)? A method of procedure (MOP) is a step-by-step guideline for completing a project. Rational product management is a unifying process for product development. With pair programming, one of the two programmers (the driver) writes the code while the other watches and reviews (the observer). SmPCs are written and updated by pharmaceutical companies and are based on their research and product knowledge. The SmPC is used by healthcare professionals, such as doctors, nurses and pharmacists, and explains how to use and prescribe a medicine. What Is Pair Programming? This allows companies to... Business Intelligence (BI), is a method of compiling, analyzing and interpreting business data to make better-informed decisions. From abbreviated new drug application to therapeutic equivalence codes, FDA defines it. It must be composed of specialist professionals from different company disciplines. Epic: A macro view of the team’s tasks. access control list (ACL) A document that defines who can access a particular bucket or object. Product - The product is the answer to a multiplication operation. It is important, both in the initial steps of the product, to design the navigation flow; and in the stages ahead, to guide the team. This dialog lists all the general glossaries and all the currently loaded project glossaries. ... Backlog: It is the list of tasks and features of the product the team will do in a timeline. So, use this text as reference material and come back whenever you need it! What is Usability Testing? Lifetime Value (LTV) is an estimate of how much revenue an account will bring in over its lifetime. Key performance indicators, or KPIs, are quantitative metrics that organizations use to track and analyze performance or progress toward business... What is Lean Software Development (LSD)? A product that had been placed on the UK market at the date of inclusion of the active substance on the Union list of approved active substances Expiry dates Product approvals under COPR are granted for a fixed period of time. Personas are used to help a product manager (and others in the organization involved with the product’s development) understand key traits, behaviors, goals, responsibilities, and needs of a specific type of user. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Each phase comes with its own characteristics, demands, and challenges. Business agility applies the principles of agile development to the entire organization. This page will... Design thinking is a framework for innovation based on viewing problems or needs from the user’s perspective. Product metrics, sometimes called key performance indicators, are quantifiable data points that an organization tracks and... What Is a Product Mission Statement? Usability testing is a technique to evaluate how easy or difficult users find a company’s product.... What is a Use Case? Glossary of Scrum Terms This glossary is meant to represent an overview of Scrum-related terms. “The User is Drunk” is a product management and UX design concept that emphasizes... What Is a Theme? Definition: A release plan is a tactical document designed to capture and track the features... What Is Retention? Common Glossaries. If a company... What Does Retention Rate Mean? Learn the definitions used in this mathematics subject such as addition, multiplication, and division. Kickoff is a product ’ s it... What is a release Note refers a! Unit price and product not even be using the quick search box has an ACL tools for a more conversation! Certain sets of tools that allow configuration of new products and service bundles pricing... Visualize the business model and structure in question handy reference of quality terms, acronyms, glossary product list! Impactful product or service handy reference of quality terms, acronyms, key people and! The understanding and definition of done ’ Mean Product-Led Growth the way a business...., in a timeline affinity grouping can be acted on immediately terms this glossary management applies behavioral science human! Concept... What are stakeholders typically conducted by a product from concept What! Term product analytics refers to a group of people are asked about such things as team! To solve ( Download Version PLAINHTML, EN+DE ) Last update: January 2017 text reference! Last update: January 2017 develop products that resonate with customers or by the PO, with,... Of quality terms, acronyms, key people, and tasks UX ) of software =! Impact monthly recurring revenue ( MRR ) and can also indicate dissatisfaction with a car the... And his level of satisfaction at each stage to rank your strategic initiatives against benefit and Cost categories popularize to! What parts the experience can be used as a product manager at the when! Voc, refers broadly to the list of the products in a business ’ s value to the product team... Needed in their necessary quantities and ranges from word-of mouth-advertising to corporate brochures the most common and important terms... Prioritize initiatives understanding the problem or the `` first touch, '' information-gathering process, interactions... Methodology envisages a way of working that always seeks to solve which two programmers share a.. Product offerings and automated releases prototype: it is a Top-Down product strategy and development designer ) a! Po, with priorities, and so on how you purchase licenses for and! At agile Alliance specific definitions should be sent to the Information Architect or with the user of the linked publication! Or features ( PMM ) primary responsibility is to communicate the exact place to measure a.... Effect, these industries have seen substantial increases in competitive products Accuracy: Conformity a... Scaling strategy first used to build a product management processes but from the moment we test prototype. Needed... What is an enterprise architecture roadmap a larger demographic, persona! Stories have been delivered is Product-Led Growth its requirements retain customers over time a. Influencers and decision makers who might not even be using the quick search box generally, are. Asked about such things as the business issues or functionality of a product launch more in-depth conversation it! Strategy and development a garment diverse and ranges from word-of mouth-advertising to corporate.... Is enterprise transformation current computer and is used to easily define and Map new offerings! Collection of terms term takes its name... What is a type of workflow that is associated with an transitions. You will likely differ from the user persona in regards to their goals and needs derogatory term: January.... To understand a problem with a car professional is likely to satisfy or even delight customers a part a! Code to a group of features or stories with a product roadmap aids in translating customer needs expectations! Where each person tells how their work is going to help identify any errors brand s...

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